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I received an email from a customer who recently purchased our Fire Engineer Interview ebook containing questions used from actual fire engineer interviews. We had a conversation about one question that was not covered in our book and discussed the best way to approach answering it. We have since added the question to our book. […]

Last week we received an email from a customer who had just completed his Fire Engineer / Driver Operator Oral Board Interview. He was asked one question that was not addressed in our Fire Engineer and Driver Operator Interview ebook. We liked the question so much that we added it to the ebook. Jason, Thanks […]

Last week we received an email from a Fire Engineer / Driver Operator candidate. He wanted to share an interview question with us that was not covered in our ebook. Below is his email. Jason, Thanks for your help downloading the book to my other computer, I am as computer illiterate as they come. I […]

Here is a question from a recent fire engineer interview that we just added to our Fire Engineer Interview Guide. You are a newly promoted engineer at a station with an old firefighter who does not like wearing his seatbelt when responding to calls. How will you handle this situation? This question is a test […]

We have updated and released our fire engineer interview guide.  It has over 80 fire engineer interview questions that come from real interviews.  Its the best way to study for the position of driver operator and fire engineer.  In addition to the interview questions it also contains strategic and tactical questions, the most common scenarios […]