We have added multiple new interview questions to The Fire Officer Interview ebook. These questions include questions on leadership, discipline, and ownership. These questions have all been used in real interviews. Our book includes real interview questions, key talking points, and sample answers in order to best prepare you for your Fire Captain or Fire Lieutenant interview. Here is one of our recently added questions:

One of your firefighters calls you from your office telling you an angry citizen is at the door to your station demanding to speak to the person in charge. How will you handle this situation?

Key Points: First you want to tell the panel that you will listen to the citizen and keep the situation under control. Remember, you are in the customer service business. You may be able to clear up a misunderstanding and satisfy this citizen by being polite, professional, and by providing some information. If the citizen wants to file a complaint, you will need to follow your SOPs for that situation.

Example Answer: I will go to the door and introduce myself to the citizen. I will invite him into my office and ask “what can I do for you today?” Hopefully I can deescalate his anger by clearing up any misunderstanding or bad information. I will remain professional and courteous at all times. If the citizen wishes to file a formal complaint, I will follow our SOP. This means that either the citizen can document their complaint, or I can write it down, and have them verify that it is correct. Once the documentation is complete, I will explain the process to the citizen and tell them how they can follow up. I then forward the complaint up the chain of command to my Battalion Chief.

Fire Officer Interview Questions