How do you prepare for the most important interview of your life?  Fire Captain interview questions are not easy.  They are designed to test your skills, knowledge, and ability to think under stress.  You will also be tested on your ability to handle personnel issues.  Here are some tips on prepping for a fire officer interview.

  • Start by reviewing the actual fire officer interview questions in our ebook.  There are TONS of real interview questions there and they will prepare you for most of your interview.
  • Start early.  Nothing is worse than cramming, it increases stress, test anxiety, and does not fully prepare you.
  • Memorize your SOPs.  This isn’t just about an interview, its about getting ready for the position.  You need to know standard operating procedures and how they apply to different situations.
  • Practice, practice, practice.  Put on your shirt/tie/jacket and stand in front of a mirror practicing answering questions.  It may seem dumb, but it gives you a chance to work out the “rough spots” in your answers before you’re sitting in front of an interview panel.
  • Eat normal, sleep normal. Don’t change your day to day routine.  We are creatures of habit, and we recall information when our bodies are comfortable in their surroundings.  Stick with your normal daily routine, but set aside enough study time each day to prepare you.
  • Make variations of questions.  Our fire officer interview ebook has over 80 interview questions that were used in actual captain and lieutenant’s interviews.  Take our questions and expand on them.  Customize them to fit your department’s operations and procedures.

By starting your preparation early, studying our interview questions, and knowing your SOPs, you will walk into your interview confident and prepared for anything.