One of the most commonly asked questions in Fire Captain and Fire Lieutenant interviews is about leadership. Fire Officer candidates must be prepared to discuss leadership topics and how their leadership will affect the department. Below is a challenging question asked in a recent fire officer interview.

How do you personally define leadership and how do you plan on leading as a new fire lieutenant?

Leadership can mean different things to different people. I define it as motivating people and inspiring them to follow you and work toward the overall goals of the department. I also believe leadership can occur at all levels of the department. Even a newly hired firefighter should lead by example and motivate his peers.

I have tried to be a leader since the day I was hired. As a new lieutenant I will continue to be a leader. I have always lead by example by spearheading our fitness initiatives and several other programs including our confined space training and peer counseling training. I have always tried to lead by example and motivate those around me to succeed. I am confident I have the skills to continue to motivate any crew I am placed with to provide excellent customer service and perform at a high level.

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