Fire Engineer interview questions and Driver Operator interview questions

We have complied a list of over 80 fire engineer interview questions that were used in real interviews. One of the most stressful events of your career will be the promotional interview for fire engineer. It is very difficult to gather your thoughts and articulate an intelligent response to questions thrown at you by a panel of Chiefs and upper command staff.  Luckily many fire engineer interviews follow the same general blueprint.  It will usually begin with basic, general questions about you. Then move onto harder and more specific questions. Most interviews will consist of several difficult scenario questions in which the candidate will have to walk the panel through an incident from start to finish.  Here are some sample fire engineer interview questions from our ebook.

  • Tell the panel about yourself and why you want to be an Engineer.
  • What experience do you have driving fire apparatus, or heavy trucks?
  • Have you ever had a traffic violation of any kind?
  • Describe an engineer’s maintenance responsibilities for one of our pumpers.
  • As a promoted engineer, what do you feel will be the greatest challenge you will face?
  • You are a newly promoted engineer at a station with a veteran firefighter who does not like to wear his seatbelt when responding to calls. How will you handle this situation?
  • As a newly promoted engineer, what will you do to support your Captain, Battalion Chief, and Fire Chief?
  • Describe your typical duties as an engineer as part of a Rapid Intervention Team.
  • What is NFPA 1500 and how does it affect your job as an engineer?
  • Describe a difficult situation you encountered while on our department and how you handled it.

These are excellent fire engineer interview questions.  Our ebook has over 80 of these that were gathered from actual fire engineer interviews. We explain the most commonly asked SOP/SOG questions for fire engineer candidates, and explain how to properly answer the final question of the interviw. Our ebook even provides you with the most commonly asked scenario questions, strategies for a successful interview, and a comprehensive study system that helps you formulate your thoughts into great answers.  This book is the best way to prepare for one of the most important interview of your life.  You can find our fire engineer interview ebook here.

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