The interview for a fire captain position is extremely stressful. Most of these interviews follow the same pattern. A few general questions about you, your experience, your education and qualifications, moving on to harder questions regarding department policy and tough decisions. The interview usually consists of some fire service scenarios in which officer candidates have to explain strategic and tactical objectives, and then detail how they would mitigate the incident described in the scenario. We have complied an e-book that includes over 80 fire captain interview questions that were used in ACTUAL interviews. Here are some of the questions from our e-book.

Fire Captain Interview Questions

  1. Please tell the panel about your education, training, and experience.
  2. What is the mission statement of our City? Our Department? What are our department’s core values? What is our vision statement?
  3. How would you handle a problem in your station with a subordinate? A superior?
  4. How will you handle an employee with a negative attitude who is causing conflict within your crew? This employee has been on the job much longer than you have, and is highly respected by other firefighters.
  5. What are the most important traits that a fire officer needs to possess?
  6. Describe our department’s progressive discipline policy
  7. A firefighter calls in sick 5 minutes before shift change. You realize you need overtime to fill this vacancy. What actions will you take?
  8. Describe the process of Size-Up.

Our e-book provides over 80 of these questions.  It also covers the most common scenarios that are given to fire captain candidates during interviews.  We explain how to formulate your answers, what the panel is looking for, and how to articulate your answers.  In over two years of selling our book we have never had a customer tell us it was not effective at preparing them for their interview.  You can find our e-book on fire officer interview questions here.

Fire Officer Interview Questions