Fire Lieutenant Interview Questions

The Fire Lieutenant interview is very similar to the fire captain interview.  The interview questions and answers will go hand in hand.  In some departments Lieutenants function just like Captains do.  While the roles of these positions may vary from department to department, the interview questions are nearly identical.  Lieutenants are faced with the same issues that Captains are: discipline, training, chain of command, etc, etc.  Here are some of the more common Lieutenant interview questions.  These questions are straight out of our Fire Officer Interview ebook.

  • Please outline the very first meeting that you will have with your crew as a newly promoted fire officer.
  • You have been asked to develop a training plan for a probationary firefighter.  Please give the panel a brief outline of what your plan would look like.
  • What was the biggest mistake you have ever made on an emergency call?
  • What is REECEO-VS.
  • Please describe the Incident Command System.  Where do a Lieutenant fit into this system?
  • What kind of people do you find difficult to work with?

These are great questions and just a sample of the over 80 interview questions we have assembled for our book.  If you’re looking for the best way to prepare for your fire lieutenant interview be sure to check out our ebook.

Fire Officer Interview Questions