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Here at My Fire Job our goal has always been to be the best in the business at preparing people to become firefighters, and helping firefighters get promoted. This means that if you purchase our Fire Officer Interview book to study for your fire captain interview you have unlimited free use of us as a […]

Below is a fire lieutenant interview question and answer sent to us by Brian from Florida. As a newly promoted fire lieutenant, how will you handle the first meeting with your crew? What topics will you cover? Key talking points: The first meeting a company officer has with his crew is called an expectations interview. […]

The vast majority of Fire Captain Interviews will include a question about conflict at work. Below is an example from a recent Fire Captain interview from a department in Texas sent to us by James. Conflict resolution is a valuable skill for Fire Captains. This question and sample answer have been added to our Fire […]

The fire officer Interview is so competitive candidates should try to gain any advantage that they can. The difference between getting promoted and having to test again the following year could be one single interview question. Here are a few tips for your Fire Captain Interview. Be Prepared: First and foremost you must be knowledgeable […]

One of the most difficult parts of a Fire Officer Interview are the scenario questions. The candidate has to listen to the scenario, reference SOP/SOGs and formulate a strategy and tactics to effectively mitigate the emergency. Proper size up and accounting for scene safety is critical. Here is a scenario that was given to Fire […]

We have updated this question a little since our last post with some new ideas. Progressive discipline is a question asked in nearly every Fire Officer Interview. It is a crucial component of an officers responsibilities. We have added a new question to our Fire Officer Interview Questions Ebook. This question comes from David in […]

We recently sat in on a Fire Captain Oral Board Interview for another department. One of the candidates gave a fantastic answer to this challenging question. His answer really impressed his Chief. “Describe your view of discipline” There are two meanings to discipline in the fire service. The first is using discipline as a tool […]

The Fire Officer Promotional Interview is an extremely challenging event in a firefighter’s career. It is a highly desirable position that can affect a persons income over the course of their career and into retirement. The competition is fierce with candidates that have great education, training, and experience. Our Fire Officer Interview book is designed […]

I recently conducted a Fire Captain Interview at a neighboring department. We interviewed 9 candidates to fill 3 openings. All 9 of the candidates were very qualified, well prepared, and had similar backgrounds in the fire service. While each had areas where they really shined, it was very difficult to pick the top three. One […]

Merry Christmas from all of us at We hope you’ve all had a great year in the fire service. Take the holiday time to relax and enjoy family. I know quite a few of you have been promoted, congratulations! Looking back at 2014 we added 14 interview questions to our Fire Officer Interview ebook. […]