Last week we received an email from a customer who had just completed his Fire Engineer / Driver Operator Oral Board Interview. He was asked one question that was not addressed in our Fire Engineer and Driver Operator Interview ebook. We liked the question so much that we added it to the ebook.


Thanks for your help with my payment, I’m not sure what I was doing wrong. I just finished my interview and wanted to give you an update. I was asked 11 questions and 9 of them were directly out of your book. One question was related to a recent event in our department so it wouldn’t really apply to anyone else, however the last question I was asked might make a good addition to your ebook. They asked me, “As an engineer, what steps will you take to provide exceptional customer service on calls?”  This question was a bit tricky because its hard to put into words the actions we take for granted each day. If you like the question feel free to use it in your guide. By the way, I smoked the interview.

Thanks again

Phillip’s question is a really good one. We all strive to provide a high level of customer service, that goes without saying. So the question is, how do you say what goes without saying? Putting it into words is tricky so here is an example that may help you get started.

My goal is to provide exceptional customer service regardless of my position within our department. As an engineer I will have some specific goals that will help me reach this goal. The first is to know my new territory like the back of my hand. This allows me to navigate accurately and eliminate mistakes driving to calls. The second is to familiarize myself with my new territory’s buildings, and commercial structures, including plug locations and fire alarm panel locations. This will allow a seamless transition for the days when my lieutenant is off and I fill into his position. I will continue to go out of my ways to help customers in both emergency and non emergency settings. One thing we always do after each call is ask if there is anything else we can do for the patient that day. Many times our older patients will ask for a cup of water, or if we can bring in the newspaper. Little things like this can go a long way with out patients and customers.

Thanks for the solid question Phillip. We have added it to our Fire Engineer / Driver Operator Interview Ebook.

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