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The competition to become a firefighter is fierce. Most departments in the United States will test hundreds or thousands of applicants in hopes of filling only a few positions. How do you compete against those odds? How do you make yourself stand out against other qualified candidates? got its start answering these very questions. […]

What the written exam is like It’s time for all of your studying and preparations to pay off.  The written test will usually be held in a conference room.  You will need to pay special attention to any correspondence that the fire department sends you.  It will tell you what to bring to the test.  […]

We’ve had a great deal of success with out Fire Officer Interview ebook.  Thanks to all of our customers for the positive feedback.  We are now just a couple of weeks away from another ebook.  This one will be aimed at those people searching for a job as a firefighter.  This is one of the […]