When you’re up for an interview for a fire officer’s position, you’re going to experience a lot of anxiety.  You’ll be excited, nervous, scared, and a range of other emotions.  How do you handle this and not let it dominate your life and negatively affect your interview performance?  First you must begin your preparations early.  Knowing that you are working harder than the other candidates is the first step to building your confidence.  The candidates who purchase our ebook and follow our plan usually begin preparing for an interview four weeks in advance.  It can be done on a shorter time frame, however we feel one month is the optimal time.  You must practice like you play.  Put on your suit, stand in front of a mirror or family and practice answering questions.  Everyday when you shave take 10 seconds and look at yourself in the mirror.  Tell yourself “I’m more prepared than the other candidates, I’ve got this.”  This positive reinforcement works.

Stress relief.  Set aside time each day to pursue a relaxing activity.  This could be reading a book, watching a movie with the kids, or walking the dog.  Many people exercise to release stress.  Do whatever works for you and stick with it.  Build it into your schedule.  IE: 5-6pm eat dinner, 6-7 help kids with homework, 7-8 study interview questions, 8-9, read favorite books.