Below is a fire lieutenant interview question and answer sent to us by Brian from Florida.

As a newly promoted fire lieutenant, how will you handle the first meeting with your crew? What topics will you cover?

Key talking points: The first meeting a company officer has with his crew is called an expectations interview. The company officer should cover things such as daily station duties, training expectations, roles on both nonemergency and emergency calls, and interaction with the public. The expectations should be clear. The company officer should also explain what will happen if these expectations are not met.

Sample Answer:

As a new Fire Lieutenant my first task will be to have an expectations meeting with my crew immediately. This meeting is vital because it sets the tone for how I intend to run my station. It also outlines what I expect from my crew in all areas of operations. Some of the key topics I will address are station duties and activities, training expectations, roles on the emergency scene, and roles in non-emergency activities. One of the topics I will emphasize is the importance of excellent customer service. This is something I place a great deal of importance on and I expect my crew to be the best in terms of customer service. I will also explain how I will handle coaching, counseling, and progressive discipline if my expectations are not met.

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