The fire officer oral interview questions are always a challenge. Not only are they challenging questions, but as a promotional candidate, your nerves and anxiety are at high levels. The stress of a fire officer oral board interview is hard to deal with, there is not a quick answer that will help you control it. As with most things in life the harder you work in your preparation, the greater your reward.

We have spent nearly five years gathering questions from interviewers and promotional candidates for the position of Fire Captain and Fire Lieutenant. We have compiled these questions into an ebook that has over 80 of these questions. We believe this is the best way to prepare for a fire officer oral board interview. It allows candidates to get a preview of the questions they will likely be asked. The feedback we receive shows that our book typically covers about 90% of the questions asked in these interviews. It really is like having the questions in advance.

You can view our feedback here.

Fire Officer Interview Questions