A customer recently sent us an email after his Fire Lieutenant oral interview.
“Jason, Thanks for your help downloading the interview questions to my other computer. I finished my Fire Lieutenant oral interview yesterday and was asked a total of twelve questions. Ten of them were covered in your guide. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. One question that wasn’t in your guide was very specific to my department, but the other one might be helpful for other people prepping for their interview. They asked me the following question.

“As a new fire lieutenant, how will you handle crew development?”

Thanks again. Carl

Thanks for the email and feedback Carl. This is a fantastic fire lieutenant oral interview question. We like it because it isn’t specific. Crew development can mean different things. First it can mean training, team building, and teaching technical skills to help your crew become proficient together. Second it can mean developing the skills to help your crew reach their personal and career goals. You want to answer this questions by addressing both topics.

“As a new fire Lieutenant I will be very proactive with crew development. First I will evaluate my crew to determine a baseline performance. My goal will be to ensure everyone is proficient at all of their duties. I will establish a training program for my crew that compliments the department’s overall training. This ongoing training will continually improve on our skills. Secondly, I will work to help my crew develop personally and professionally. Whether their goals are to get in better shape, or promote to a new position in the future, I will utilize my resources to develop their skills and work with them to achieve these goals.”