Lots of fire Captain applicants ask us what type of questions will be on their interview.   Good fire captain interview questions will test your job knowledge, but also you ability to think on your feet.  Expect questions that reference your SOPs.  Expect scenario questions that force you to recall standard procedures and generally acceptable tactics used by your department. Here is an example of a good fire captain interview question from our e-book (link on right side of site).

As a newly promoted fire Captain you notice one of your crew-members using wine as an ingredient in the dinner he is making.  What actions do you take if any?

This is a great question because it forces you recall the exact policy on alcohol and shows how you will handle personnel issues in the station.  Similar questions to this involve cigarette smoking inside the station, or a crewmember carrying a concealed weapon, with a permit.  These types of questions test your knowledge of department SOPs, and give you an opportunity to show how you will enforce these rules.