Last week we received an email from a Fire Engineer / Driver Operator candidate. He wanted to share an interview question with us that was not covered in our ebook. Below is his email.


Thanks for your help downloading the book to my other computer, I am as computer illiterate as they come. I had my interview yesterday and it went very well. The panel asked me a total of 12 questions. 1o of them came almost verbatim from your book. It was a huge help and really prepared me for the interview. I know you guys add questions to your book so maybe these can help someone else.

1. While at a vehicle extrication call you witness a crew-member from the ambulance standing on top of the car trying to kick in the windshield. You feel this is very unsafe due to the instability of the car. How will you handle this situation?

2. As an Engineer you will be required to step up to the role of company officer from time to time. How do you plan to prepare yourself for this responsibility?

Thanks for everything Jason, great product

Thanks for the email Frank. We have already added these questions to our Fire Engineer / Driver Operator ebook which you can view at the link below.

fire engineer interview