The Fire Officer Promotional Interview is an extremely challenging event in a firefighter’s career. It is a highly desirable position that can affect a persons income over the course of their career and into retirement. The competition is fierce with candidates that have great education, training, and experience. Our Fire Officer Interview book is designed to give you an edge in this competition. We can help you craft insightful and meaningful answers that will wow the panel. Our book contains interview questions from around the country that have been used in actual fire captain and fire lieutenant promotional interviews. We have conducted countless interviews and provide great insight into the right and wrong way to answer these questions. Below is a sample from our book.

Please describe your view of discipline.

Key Points: Remember, discipline is not a punishment; it is a tool to improve performance. You also may want to discuss your role in the disciplinary process. Some candidates may also talk about discipline in terms of everyday behavior in accordance with rules and regulations.

Example Answer: There are two meanings to discipline in the fire service. The first is using discipline as a tool to improve the performance of an individual. Our progressive discipline procedure has this as its primary goal. It ranges from a verbal warning, up to termination. The goal of every step before termination is to improve the performance of an employee. Each step has performance improvement steps and measures.

The second meaning of discipline can be viewed in terms of a disciplined crew. As a newly promoted company officer, I plan on running a disciplined firehouse and crew. To me this means a crew that self starts on tasks, follows all procedures and rules, and is “on the ball”. We will train daily with the goal of being the best that we can be. A disciplined crew is highly efficient and effective.

Fire Officer Interview Questions