Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas in advance! My Fire Job has had a great year and we are happy to announce our year end holiday sale. The prices on all three of our books have been reduced through December 31st. We have added numerous questions to each of our books and updated each of them to be more streamlined and easier to study. We also turned our unofficial lifetime support into an official announcement, so you will have our help through the entire process. Overall 2016 has been a great year and we have helped many candidates get hired and promoted.

Our most popular book, The Fire Officer Interview, is on sale for 50% off. Normally $99, now less than $50. You can learn more about the book here, but in a nutshell nearly every customer who purchases this book tells us that it contained nearly every single question they were asked in their interview. There isn’t a better way to prepare for a Fire Officer Interview.

Fire Officer Interview Questions