We have added several new Fire Captain interview questions and answers to our Fire Officer Interview book. They are great quality questions used in recent interviews. Below is just one of the questions we added. You can purchase our Fire Officer Interview book by clicking below.

As a new Captain, how do you plan to train your new crew?

Key talking points: strengths/weaknesses, ensure sop familiarity, start with basics and work toward officer development

Example answer: As a new Captain training will be a top priority and will begin on my first day. The fire service has evolved and now places more demands on firefighter than ever before. We must constantly train and constantly improve to be able to meet these demands. First I will immediately get feedback from my crew regarding their strengths and weaknesses. I will continually evaluate their knowledge skills and abilities. My goals will be to capitalize on their strengths and shore up their weaknesses. My first priority is to be sure they are trained to be “mission ready”. I will also focus on professional development, working to train and mentor upcoming officers. I will schedule company training every day and allow my crew to choose topics they would like to instruct and teach.

Fire Officer Interview Questions