I received an email from a customer who recently purchased our Fire Engineer Interview ebook containing questions used from actual fire engineer interviews. We had a conversation about one question that was not covered in our book and discussed the best way to approach answering it. We have since added the question to our book. Below is an excerpt from his email.

Thanks for all of the input with the last emails. My interview was yesterday and consisted of 8 questions and 3 SOG questions. Only one wasn’t covered in your book. I don’t know if I answered it right or not, I would like to hear your thoughts. “As you arrive to work you notice a coworker acting unusual.  You smell alcohol on his breath.  How will you handle this situation?”

Key Points: This is a situation that is not tolerated. You have no way of knowing how much alcohol is in his system and he is not in any condition to work. The firefighter needs to be immediately removed from all apparatus and send for a fit for duty evaluation. Most departments have a procedure for this. After being removed from duty, he will be disciplined.

Example Answer: This situation cannot be tolerated in any fire station because it is a safety hazard. This individual could harm himself, a crew member, or a citizen. I will make sure that he does not respond to any calls and immediately report the situation to my company officer. This firefighter needs to be removed from the apparatus and sent for a fit for duty evaluation. As an engineer I will not let my truck respond to a call with this individual on board.

This information has been added to our Fire Engineer interview Ebook. It contains over 80 interview questions used in actual fire engineer interviews.

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