What is the best way to prepare for the firefighter entrance exam? This is one of the most common question we are asked, especially from candidates who have never taken a firefighter entrance exam before. We can break this answer down into a few basic principles.

First, begin your preparation early. Firefighter positions are incredibly desireable and therefor very competitive. Many candidates travel great distances to take entry tests for practice. If you have never tested before this places you at a disadvantage right away. Begin your preparations early by refreshing some basic skills you used in high school. These skills are things such as basic math, verbal reasoning, reading comprehension, mechanical aptitude, and reading tables, charts, maps, and graphs. Begin by refreshing your skills in these areas. You can use old textbooks or buy a entrance exam preparation book. We are partial to our firefighter entrance exam preparation ebook because it is so comprehensive.

Second practice taking tests. As we said earlier you can drive to other departments that are testing and take their tests for practice. This is a great tool, but not a cheap option if you have to drive long distances. Another option is to buy a test prep book that includes practice tests, such as ours. These will cover every area that is commonly tested and provide you with an answer key.

Third, be persistent. In this world of instant gratification its hard for many candidates to remain on their journey to be a firefighter if they don’t immediately succeed. Be sure to maintain all of your training and medical certificates during your job search. You never know when positions may open up. Also be sure to keep your resume up to date and accurate.

Below is a link to our Firefighter Entrance Exam Preparation Ebook.

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