Here is a question from a recent fire engineer interview that we just added to our Fire Engineer Interview Guide.

You are a newly promoted engineer at a station with an old firefighter who does not like wearing his seatbelt when responding to calls. How will you handle this situation?

This question is a test of your commitment to safety and fortitude under peer pressure. One candidate answered it this way:

“As an Engineer safety is my top priority. I am responsible for the lives of everyone in my truck, and I take that responsibility very seriously. As an engineer I will be sure everyone has their seatbelt on before my truck moves out of the bay. If someone is not wearing their seatbelt, my truck will not move, period. In order to avoid this situation, I will lay out my seatbelt rule for my new crew on my first day with them.”

This answer may be a little too blunt for some candidates, but it illustrates a no nonsense approach to the problem. It also shows the candidate’s commitment to safety and that he takes it seriously. Most departments have mandatory seatbelt SOPs. You can find this question and many many more in our Fire Engineer Interview Questions.