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What is our department’s SOP on rapid intervention teams?

Key Points: This is one example of an SOP question that you may be asked. Know your SOPs well and be able to recite them. You may want to expand on the duties of a RIT at a fire versus other types of incidents.

Example Answer: Our departments SOP on rapid intervention teams states that a RIT team will be established on any working structure fire or any other incident that poses a hazard to firefighters. It will be established as soon as possible and will consist of at least four firefighters in full PPE. The goal is to have at minimum 2 in 2 out, however more serious incidents will require additional RIT members. The RIT team is extremely important for the safety of our firefighters at both fires and other dangerous incidents. We utilize RIT teams on every call where our members are in a hazardous atmosphere such as fires, haz-mat incidents, and technical rescue calls. The RIT is allowed to do small tasks but must be ready to deploy immediately when a call is made. They must be familiar with all of the standard RIT tools and equipment including extrication equipment. They are allowed to assist throwing ladders as secondary egress and they are allowed to conduct a 360 and remove bars from windows.

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