Here is a great fire lieutenant interview question sent to us by one of our customers. He told us his fire Lieutenant interview consisted of 11 interview questions. 9 of his questions were listed word for word in our fire officer interview ebook. Here is the question that we have now added to our ebook:

“Please outline the first meeting you will have with your crew as a newly promoted Fire Lieutenant.”

There are two main areas that must be covered in this answer. The first is to outline what your expectations are of your new crew, and the second is to explain what your crew should expect of you. You need out tell the panel you will sit down with your crew and explain your expectations on everything including fire inspections, training, emergency operations, dress code, and station maintenance.  Many new fire officers choose to actually type these expectations out and have their crew sign them.

The second part of your answer needs to address what your crew should expect of you. You want to explain how you will perform employee evaluations, how you will schedule training to keep your crew up to snuff, and how you plan to run day to day operations.

This is a great question that we have added to our Fire Officer Interview Ebook.

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