Here at we offer three unique products. We have the Fire Officer Interview Ebook, the Fire Engineer / Driver Operator Ebook, and the Firefighter Entrance Exam Ebook.  Most of our attention seems to be focused on our Fire Officer Interview book, but this week we received an email asking, “What is the most important thing that I can do to get hired as a firefighter?” We decided to post some no nonsense real world advice for those seeking to enter the fire service.

It’s no secret that competition for these highly coveted fire service jobs is at an all time high.  So how can you set yourself apart from the crowd? First lets look at the actual hiring process. Most department will begin the process by having you fill out an application and then taking a written test. The written test is quite thorough and tests things such as basic math skills, reading comprehension, map reading, memory recall, verbal reasoning and judgement, and many other areas. A department will typically take the top 50-100 written scores and invite them to continue the process.

The next step is a physical ability test. These range from department to department, but most test usually consist of CPAT style movements and tests.  Dummy drags, stair climbs, with pushing and pulling movements for time. These tests typically have a high failure rate for those unprepared. The top25-50 are then usually invited to continue the process and move onto the medical and psychological exams. These tests are done to ensure candidates are physically and mentally capable of doing the job.

The final, and most vital step in the process is the interview. These are usually conducted by a panel that includes the Fire Chief, other high ranking fire officers, and possibly department heads from other parts of the city, such as a police chief.  The interview process is stressful and designed to give the panel a better idea of who you are.

So back to the original question, how can you set yourself apart from the other candidates? The first step is to prepare for the written test. Dedicate every free minute of your time to it. There are no shortcuts and the competition is fierce. Grab a good study guide that will walk you through each part of the written exam and help you prepare for them. We’re partial to our firefighter entrance exam ebook.

You’re best opportunity to set yourself apart from other candidates will come during the interview. This is where you’ll get a chance to showcase your resume and speak to your skills and abilities. Make sure the study guide you purchase covers the oral interview (ours does). You want to always highlight how trainable you are. Honestly regardless of where you came from, that is the number one thing most Chiefs want in recruits. Trainability. If you can convince the panel that you’re easy to train, always have a positive attitude, and wish to dedicate your life to helping others, you will have success.