A fire officer interview is arguably one of the most stressful events of your life. Mental preparation is a key to a successful interview. Here are a few ways to be mentally prepped and ready for this critical event.

1. Study regularly. You should not be attempting to cram in the days right before an interview. Set a study schedule and stick to it. The day before the interview should consist of a brief review and some time to relax.

2. Sleep. Numerous study have shown that most people test better if they go to bed rather than forgo sleep to study. The studies also show that getting up early to review is more beneficial than sleeping in late and not reviewing.

3. Eat breakfast. Your body recalls information better when you eat breakfast. It is also shown to improve critical thinking and reasoning skills.

4. Arrive early to the interview. This gives you plenty of time to relax in you car or inside before the stress begins.

5. Know that you studied the correct material. These interviews are incredibly difficult. The biggest way to reduce your stress is to know that you studied the correct material. If you purchased our Fire Officer Interview Questions ebook you will be studying over 85 questions that were used in other Fire Officer interviews. Our customers are reporting that our ebook covers over 90% of their interview questions. This is the single greatest way to reduce stress and build confidence when going into a life changing interview. Below is a link to our product.

Fire Officer Interview Questions