We recently spoke with a newly promoted Fire Captain about his oral board interview. We thought his insight might be helpful to those of you who are working to promote in the near future. He is one of our customers and also shared a fire captain oral board interview questions with us. You can find this questions and many more in our Fire Officer Interview ebook.


Thanks for all the emails and additional insight into the questions I was struggling with. I had my interview last week and just received the phone call with the official job offer. I can’t tell how much this means to my family and me. Your ebook and numerous emails truely gave me a leg up on the competition. After struggling through previous medic and engineer interviews I knew this one had to be a homerun, and it was. My panel consisted of my fire chief, a deputy chief, and two battalion chiefs. There was also a deputy chief from the police department, and a local district judge on the panel.  They each took a turn asking me questions. I think they asked two each for a total of ten questions. Nine of the questions were almost verbatim out of your book. There was only one question I was not fully prepared for. They asked me to explain what discipline meant to me. I was fully prepared to explain the process of progressive discipline and even detail each step, but defining what it meant to me was tricky.

I told them that my interpretation of discipline is to correct behavior that is not up to par or inappropriate by using a progressive discipline policy. I also stated that discipline means being orderly, following standard procedures, and not becoming complacent. I plan on running a disciplined crew in my house and also using discipline to correct any behavior that is out of line.

Thanks again for all your help – Franko

Thanks Franko, I could not have said it any better. You can find Franko’s question and many other Fire Captain Oral Board Interview questions in our Fire Officer Interview Ebook below.

Fire Officer Interview Questions