Our newly updated book with Fire Captain and Fire Lieutenant Interview questions has been updated with several new questions. These came from recent fire captain interviews in California and Texas. Below is one of the newly added questions.

Please describe for the panel the different levels of progressive discipline that a Captain can administer in our department.

Eric’s Answer:     Our standard operating procedures are very clear with regard to progressive discipline. The different levels are: coaching, verbal counseling, verbal reprimand, written reprimand, suspension, and termination. As a Captain on the department I can directly administer all levels up to a written reprimand. Suspension and termination are handled by the Battalion Chiefs and Fire Chief. Discipline is the process of correcting unwanted behavior, my goal will be to set clear expectations and correct any problems with coaching, before they grow into larger problems. If I have to move up the discipline ladder I will carefully document all of my actions and keep my Batallion Chief informed of the situation as it progresses. If the process goes to suspension or termination, I will continue to support the command staff and work to correct the problem.

Thanks for the email Eric! You can find this question and many more in our newly updated Fire Officer Interview Book.

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