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We at wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving! Thanks for a wonderful year. We have added 2 new fire officer interview questions to our guide. Enjoy the holidays!

This fire officer interview question was sent to us by a recent customer.  He told us that his interview consisted of 11 questions, 9 of which were listed in our guide.  Here is the question he sent us:

You are a new fire captain at a large station.  One of your female firefighters comes to you and says that her fellow firefighters are making her feel uncomfortable with their conversations and evening movie choices.  She says she told the previous Captain, but he shrugged it off.   How do you handle this.

This is an excellent question for an officer interview.  It makes the officer candidate address several issues.  He has to address the immediate issue of possible sexual harassment.  He then has to explain the department’s policy and the actions he will take to correct the situation.  Disciplinary action, additional training, and even possibly reassigning firefighters are all possible solutions based on department policy.

I get asked all the time what the firefighter entrance exam is like.  My response is usually “its not difficult, but its hard”.  The reality is that being a firefighter does not require an IQ of 140.  In fact I would argue that some of the best firefighters I know would be considered “average” in many ways.  This is in no way a negative comment or a slight at the career.  Today’s society tells our children they are special, and hands them trophies to reinforce this.  Some of these trophy carriers are dumb, most are average, and a few are exceptional.   But I digress . . .

The firefighter written entrance exam is so hard because of the atmosphere.  Its highly competitive and can be nerve racking.  Its not easy to take a test knowing it could potentially influence the next 30 some years of your life.  In addition to your own personal issues with test nervousness or anxiety, you also have to take the test in a room surrounded by other candidates.  Now you get to see just how much interest there is in this position.

Entrance exam questions can be on a variety of topics, but here are the most commonly tested areas:

  • Ability to read tables, text, charts, graphs, and even maps
  • Map orientation and direction
  • floor plan reading and comprehension
  • Reading comprehension
  • Verbal reasoning and judgment
  • Mechanical Aptitude and skill
  • Memory Recall
  • Basic math skills

The test is usually multiple choice.  We have created a comprehensive firefighter entrance exam study guide.  It covers everything from the application process, how to study, the written exam, the physical exam, the medical and psychological exams, and most importantly the oral interview.  You can find our book by using the link on the right.


A new fire captain interview question was added to our fire officer interview guide today.  It was sent to us by Joshua in New York.  Anytime a customer purchases our guide and is asked an interview question that was not in the guide, we add it.

You are called for a report of an odd odor in a single family home.  You arrive and notice a minor haze in the home accompanied by a smell of smoke.  As you investigate you notice smoke coming from a gable vent.  What actions will you take?

This is a very good fire officer interview question.  It will test the candidates knowledge of response procedures (calling for a full alarm), attic fire strategy and tactics, and his ability to establish a safe and effective action plan.  Regardless of what department you are from, several key points of this question must be answered the same.

First the candidate should explain that he suspects a fire in the attic space, this would require a full fire response, rather than just his single unit that was sent for an odor investigation.  After the full alarm is dispatched, the candidate should provide them with at minimum an on scene report.  He then should verbalize evacuating the family from the home and his strategy/tactics for controlling the fire.  Depending on department policy, or lack thereof, any number of options may be acceptable, ranging from going up into the attic with a hand line, making an attack through the gable vent, or even use of a piercing nozzle.  A good answer might also include what the incoming units will be assigned.  IE Primary search, water supply, utility control, salvage/overhaul, secondary search, etc.

Fire Captain interview questions are challenging.  Be prepared for your interview with our fire officer interview guide.  It has over 80 interview questions that were used in real interviews.

Firefighter Entrance Exam

We have released our firefighter entrance exam preparation guide.  You can find it under the menu titled “Our E-Books”.   The book starts at the beginning of the firefighter hiring process and walks you through each step.  It details what to expect at each step, and how to prepare.  We provide a comprehensive subject analysis so that you are fully prepared for the written exam.  The book also includes a 150 question firefighter entrance exam with answers.  You will be well prepared for the oral interview with our list of 40 interview questions, including those difficult situational interview questions.

Here is a quick look at what our guide covers.

The Application Process
Our guide will walk you through each step of the application process.  We explain how to make your resume stand out, and how to find firefighting jobs around the country.  You are walked through each step of the process.

Highly Effective Study Habits
The firefighter entrance test is extremely competitive.  How you study will make a difference.  Our guide shows you how to study each subject that will be on the test.  We walk you through creating a study plan, overcoming test anxiety, and even strategies for the day of the test.

The Firefighter Written Exam
First we walk you through what the exam is like, covering each of the topics that are most commonly tested in the United States.  We provide time management stategies, and test taking tips such as “when to guess and when not to guess”.   This chapter prepares you for the sample firefighter entrance exam that comes later in the book.

The Physical Ability Test
Firefighting is a physically demanding career, and departments will administer a test to be sure you’re capable of performing the duties of a firefighter.  Our firefighter exam preparation book covers the most commonly tested events for a firefighter physical ability test.  We cover tests that are common across the United States such as the CPAT.  This guide will walk you through each event, provide strategies on how to pass each one, and give you training suggestions.

The Medical and Psychological Exams
Our firefighter entrance exam ebook explains what the medical and psychological exams consist of.  The explain the best strategies for passing the tests.

The Oral Interview
The oral interview is one of the most difficult parts of the firefighter hiring process.  Most candidates are eliminated at this step of the process.  Our guide tells you what the interview is like and gives you tips for preparing.  We explain the most common mistakes firefighter candidates make in interviews and how to avoid them.  We also provide information how you should dress.  Our guide provides 40 firefighter entrance interview questions, including very important situational questions.

Sample Firefighter Entrance Exam
Our guide provides you with a 150 question sample firefighter entrance exam that covers all of the most commonly tested subjects.  The exam includes and answer key and will test your skills in:

  • Reading tables, charts, maps, text and graphs
  • Map orientation
  • floor plans
  • Reading comprehension
  • Verbal reasoning and judgment
  • Mechanical Aptitude
  • Memory Recall
  • Math

firefighter entrance exam

We’ve had a great deal of success with out Fire Officer Interview ebook.  Thanks to all of our customers for the positive feedback.  We are now just a couple of weeks away from another ebook.  This one will be aimed at those people searching for a job as a firefighter.  This is one of the most competitive jobs in America.  Our ebook will guide candidates through the entire hiring process, and include sample written and oral test questions.  This is a teaser post and another will follow that outlines the book and announces a sale for the launch.  Stay tuned, we will launch very soon.

We have updated our page for fire lieutenant interview questions.  They are direct excerpts from our ebook.  While the position of fire lieutenant is different from that of a Captain, the similarities between the two are numerous.  These officers deal with the same issues on a daily basis and are selected for their leadership, training, education, and experience.  If you’re looking for even more fire lieutenant interview questions check our our ebook.

Fire Officer Interview Questions

When you’re up for an interview for a fire officer’s position, you’re going to experience a lot of anxiety.  You’ll be excited, nervous, scared, and a range of other emotions.  How do you handle this and not let it dominate your life and negatively affect your interview performance?  First you must begin your preparations early.  Knowing that you are working harder than the other candidates is the first step to building your confidence.  The candidates who purchase our ebook and follow our plan usually begin preparing for an interview four weeks in advance.  It can be done on a shorter time frame, however we feel one month is the optimal time.  You must practice like you play.  Put on your suit, stand in front of a mirror or family and practice answering questions.  Everyday when you shave take 10 seconds and look at yourself in the mirror.  Tell yourself “I’m more prepared than the other candidates, I’ve got this.”  This positive reinforcement works.

Stress relief.  Set aside time each day to pursue a relaxing activity.  This could be reading a book, watching a movie with the kids, or walking the dog.  Many people exercise to release stress.  Do whatever works for you and stick with it.  Build it into your schedule.  IE: 5-6pm eat dinner, 6-7 help kids with homework, 7-8 study interview questions, 8-9, read favorite books.

How do you prepare for the most important interview of your life?  Fire Captain interview questions are not easy.  They are designed to test your skills, knowledge, and ability to think under stress.  You will also be tested on your ability to handle personnel issues.  Here are some tips on prepping for a fire officer interview.

  • Start by reviewing the actual fire officer interview questions in our ebook.  There are TONS of real interview questions there and they will prepare you for most of your interview.
  • Start early.  Nothing is worse than cramming, it increases stress, test anxiety, and does not fully prepare you.
  • Memorize your SOPs.  This isn’t just about an interview, its about getting ready for the position.  You need to know standard operating procedures and how they apply to different situations.
  • Practice, practice, practice.  Put on your shirt/tie/jacket and stand in front of a mirror practicing answering questions.  It may seem dumb, but it gives you a chance to work out the “rough spots” in your answers before you’re sitting in front of an interview panel.
  • Eat normal, sleep normal. Don’t change your day to day routine.  We are creatures of habit, and we recall information when our bodies are comfortable in their surroundings.  Stick with your normal daily routine, but set aside enough study time each day to prepare you.
  • Make variations of questions.  Our fire officer interview ebook has over 80 interview questions that were used in actual captain and lieutenant’s interviews.  Take our questions and expand on them.  Customize them to fit your department’s operations and procedures.

By starting your preparation early, studying our interview questions, and knowing your SOPs, you will walk into your interview confident and prepared for anything.

Here are 2 new Fire Lieutenant interview questions that we just added to our e-book.

1.       Describe the levels of progressive discipline that a lieutenant can administer within our department.  Where will you begin the discipline process?

2.       Have you ever spoken negatively about anything relating to our fire department?

These are great fire lieutenant or even fire captain interview questions.  They force the candidate to demonstrate knowledge of SOPs/SOGs and they make him show that different offences will have different levels of discipline.  They also make his attitude very apparent regarding the department.  Fire officers are leaders.  They set the tone for their crew, station, and even influence their entire shift.   You can find over 80 fire officer interview questions here.