What the written exam is like
It’s time for all of your studying and preparations to pay off.  The written test will usually be held in a conference room.  You will need to pay special attention to any correspondence that the fire department sends you.  It will tell you what to bring to the test.  Usually candidates are required to bring a valid form of I.D. and number 2 pencils.  Most tests do not allow calculators, but a few do.  If you have any questions about what is allowed in the testing facility do not hesitate to ask.  You can call the department, civil service, or ask someone at the facility when you arrive.

Some departments will mail out a study guide a week or so before the written test.  If this is the case you need to study this information thoroughly.  There are a few departments that give tests verbatim out of these study guides.  Each question is specifically answered in the study guide.  So take time off of work, lock yourself in a room, and memorize that guide.

The written test will evaluate your basic skills and aptitudes.  The most commonly tested areas are:

  • Reading tables, charts, maps, text, and graphs
  • Verbal expression
  • Reasoning
  • Judgment
  • Map reading
  • Mechanical Aptitude
  • Math
  • Memory recall

Check out our full firefighter entrance exam preparation guide.  It will prepare you for the written test by covering each of the most commonly tested areas in details.  It includes a sample written test, and 40 of the most commonly asked interview questions. It also has an extensive section on how to pass the physical agility test.

firefighter entrance exam