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Here at we offer three unique products. We have the Fire Officer Interview Ebook, the Fire Engineer / Driver Operator Ebook, and the Firefighter Entrance Exam Ebook.  Most of our attention seems to be focused on our Fire Officer Interview book, but this week we received an email asking, “What is the most important […]

What the written exam is like It’s time for all of your studying and preparations to pay off.  The written test will usually be held in a conference room.  You will need to pay special attention to any correspondence that the fire department sends you.  It will tell you what to bring to the test.  […]

We’ve had a great deal of success with out Fire Officer Interview ebook.  Thanks to all of our customers for the positive feedback.  We are now just a couple of weeks away from another ebook.  This one will be aimed at those people searching for a job as a firefighter.  This is one of the […]