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We have updated and added questions to our Fire Officer Interview book using new questions from some of our customers’ interviews. As always our guide is constantly improving. Most of our customers report back to us telling us that our book covered as much as 90% of their interview questions. We always ask what questions […]

In addition to our firefighter entrance exam preparation guide, and our Fire Officer Interview Guide, we have almost completed our work on a Fire Engineer / Driver Operator Interview Guide.  This guide will be designed similar to our Officer guide.  It was created using questions from actual engineer / driver operator interviews.  The guide should […]

Well 2012 is here and we had a recent customer just email us an interview question that was not in our Fire Officer Interview guide.  Here is his email: Jason, Thanks for the assistance working through those interview questions.  I interviewed today for Captain and wanted to follow up with you.  The Chief, 2 Bat.  […]

We at wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving! Thanks for a wonderful year. We have added 2 new fire officer interview questions to our guide. Enjoy the holidays!

We have updated our page for fire lieutenant interview questions.  They are direct excerpts from our ebook.  While the position of fire lieutenant is different from that of a Captain, the similarities between the two are numerous.  These officers deal with the same issues on a daily basis and are selected for their leadership, training, […]

When you’re up for an interview for a fire officer’s position, you’re going to experience a lot of anxiety.  You’ll be excited, nervous, scared, and a range of other emotions.  How do you handle this and not let it dominate your life and negatively affect your interview performance?  First you must begin your preparations early.  […]

How do you prepare for the most important interview of your life?  Fire Captain interview questions are not easy.  They are designed to test your skills, knowledge, and ability to think under stress.  You will also be tested on your ability to handle personnel issues.  Here are some tips on prepping for a fire officer […]

Here are 2 new Fire Lieutenant interview questions that we just added to our e-book. 1.       Describe the levels of progressive discipline that a lieutenant can administer within our department.  Where will you begin the discipline process? 2.       Have you ever spoken negatively about anything relating to our fire department? These are great fire lieutenant […]

Lots of fire Captain applicants ask us what type of questions will be on their interview.   Good fire captain interview questions will test your job knowledge, but also you ability to think on your feet.  Expect questions that reference your SOPs.  Expect scenario questions that force you to recall standard procedures and generally acceptable tactics […]

When I was a new fire lieutenants the best piece of advice given to me was to “keep your head”.  What on earth does that mean?  It means you’re going to encounter situations in which you’re not sure what to do.  Keeping your head means understanding your role.  As a fire lieutenant your job is […]